Generic Petrem™ Sevoflurane is Here!

JD Medical is very pleased to announce that we now offer generic Sevoflurane. Petrem™ Sevoflurane, available now, offers an extremely high-quality alternative to brand name sevo at a very significant price and is now available to our customers and veterinarians everywhere.  Petrem™ Sevoflurane is an extremely safe and effective way for your facility to save a lot of money during these troubling economic times. Click here for more information!

Introducing the first major change in anesthesia in decades…

The VT-110-HCD is the first and only anesthesia machine of its kind: a hydraulically controlled system that is mounted securely to the ceiling, allowing the unit to be moved out of the way of the operators and the operating area, but easily accessed for monitoring and adjustment.

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JD Medical manufactures both large and small animal anesthesia systems. Our 34 years of experience in the field has established us as the leader in large animal anesthesia and ventilation. Our reputation of post-sales service sets us apart from any competition with emphasis on custom modifications for special needs. We presently have worldwide distributors in [...]

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